Beyond the benefits for non-native english-speakers that a good command of business english can bring, there is the almost more complex conundrum of cross-cultural communication.

Erin Meyer – a professor at INSEAD, one of the leading international business schools, and author of The Culture Map – understands this only too well. She recognises that globalisation has led to the rapid connection of internationally based employees from all levels of multinational companies. Many employees – and businesses – are now part of global networks connected with people scattered around the world. Yet, she recognises that, ‘even those who are culturally informed, travel extensively, and have lived abroad often have few strategies for dealing with the cross-cultural complexity that affects their team’s day-to-day effectiveness.‘

One of her recommendations, simple but effective is: ‘”When interacting with someone from another culture, try to watch more, listen more, and speak less.”

Mastering business english as a non-native english-speaker is one challenge, mastering cross-cultural complexity is certainly another! If you are interested in the challenges of this topic, Lush English highly recommends Erin Meyer’s book – which provides vital insights for working effectively and sensitively in the global marketplace.

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